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CD Наименование: Георг Фридрих Гендель
Изготовитель: TDK / CDR
Общее время звучания:
Количество треков:
Качество: stereo, mp3, 192 kBit/sec

1. Saul
1. Symphony
2. How exellent thy name, oh Lord
3. An infant rais'd by thy command
4. Along the monster atheist strode
5. The youth inspir'd by Thee, oh Lord
6. He comes
7. Behold, oh King, the brave, victorious youth
8. Oh early piety!
9. What abject thoughts a prince can have!
10. Birth and fortune I despise!
11. Thou, Merab, first in birth
12. See, with what a scornful air
13. Symphony
14. Already see
15. Welcome, welcome, mighty king!
16. What do I hear?
17. Imprudent women!
18. Rack'd with infernal pains
19. Oh Lord, whose mercies numberless
20. Tis all in vain
21. A serpent, in my bosom warm'd
22. Capricious man
23. Oh filial piety!
24. Preserve him for the glory of thy name
25. Envy! eldest born of hell!
26. Ah! dearest friend
27. Has thou obey'd my orders
28. As great Jehovah lives
29. From cities storm'd, and battles won
30. Appear, my friend
31. Your words, oh king
32. Yes, he shall wed my daughter!
33. A father's will
34. Oh fairest of ten thousand fair
35. Is there a man
36. A Concerto
37. Thy father is as cruel
38. Whom dost thou seek?
39. Mean as he was
40. Symphony
41. The time at length is come
42. Where is the son of Jesse?
43. Oh fatal consequence of rage
44. Wretch that I am!
45. With me what wouldst thou?
46. Why hast thou forc'd me
47. Symphony
48. Whence comst thou?
49. Dead March
50. Mourn, Israel
51. Oh let it not in Gath be heard
52. Eagles were not so swift as they
53. In sweetest harmony
54. Ye men of Judah, weep no more!
55. Gird on thy sword

2. Belshazzar
1. Ouverture
2. Vain, fluctuating state
3. Tou, God most high
4. The fate of Babylon
5. Lament not thus
6. Behold, by Persia's hero made
7. Well may they laugh
8. Oppress'd with never-ceasing grief
9. Dry those unavailing tears
10. Be comforted
11. Behold the monstrous human beast
12. Can you then think
13. All empires
14. Oh sacred oracles
15. Rejoice, my countrymen
16. Sing, oh ye heav'ns!
17. Let festal joy
18. For you, my friends
19. The leafy honours
20. It is the custom
21. Recall, oh king!
22. They tell you true
23. Oh dearer than my life
24. By slow degrees
25. See, from his post
26. You see, my friends
27. To arms, to arms!
28. Ye tutelar gods
29. Let the deep bowl
30. Ye sages!
31. Oh misery!
32. Oh king
33. No! to thyself
34. Regard, oh son
35. Oh God of Thuth!
36. Oh glorious prince!
37. Alternate hopes and fears
38. Fain would I hope
39. My hopes revive
40. Bel boweth down!
41. I thank thee, Sesach
42. To pow'r immortal
43. Be it thy care
44. Great victor
45. Say, venerable prophet
46. Tell it out
47. I will magnify thee

3. L'Allegro, Il Penseroso ed Il Moderato
1. L'Allegro. Hence loathed Melancholy
2. Il Penseroso. Hence vain deluding joys
3. L'Allegro. Come, thou Goddess
4. Il Penseroso. Come, rather, Goddess
5. L'Allegro. Haste thee, nymph
6. L'Allegro. Haste thee, nymph
7. L'Allegro. Come, and trip it
8. Il Penseroso. Come, pensive nun
9. Il Penseroso. Come, but keep thy wonted state
10. L'Allegro. Hence, loathed Melancholy
11. Il Penseroso. First, and chief, on golden wing
12. L'Allegro. If I give thee honour due
13. Il Penseroso. Oft on a plat of rising ground
14. Il Penseroso. Far from all resort of Mirth
15. L'Allegro. If I give thee honour due
16. L'Allegro. Straight mine eye
17. L'Allegro. Or let the merry bells
18. Il Penseroso. Hence, vain deluding joys
19. Il Penseroso. Thus night oft see me
20. L'Allegro. Populous cities
21. L'Allegro. There let Hymen oft appear
22. Il Penseroso. Me, when the sun begins to fling
23. L'Allegro. I'll to the well-trod stade anon
24. L'Allegro. And ever against eating cares
25. L'Allegro. Orpheus self may heave his head
26. L'Allegro. These delights if thou canst give
27. Il Penseroso. But let my due feet never fail
28. Il Penseroso. There let the pealing organ blow
29. Il Penseroso. May at last my weary age
30. Il Moderato. Hence, boast not
31. Il Moderato. Come, with gentle hand restrain
32. Il Moderato. No more short life
33. Il Moderato. As steals the morn upon the night
34. Il Moderato. Thy pleasures, Moderation, give


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