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Эдвард Григ

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Эдвард Григ

Эдвард Григ Наименование: Эдвард Григ
Изготовитель: TDK / CDR
Общее время звучания:
Количество треков:
Качество: stereo, mp3, 192 kBit/sec

1. Peer Gynt. Incidental music to the play by Henrik Ibsen, Op.23
1. At the Wedding
2. Halling
3. Springar
4. The Abduction of the Bride: Ingrid's Lament
5. Peer Gynt and the Herd-Girls
6. Peer Gynt and the Woman in Green
7. Peer Gynt: "Great folk may be known by the mounts that they ride"
8. In the Hall of the Mountain King
9. Dance of the Mountain King's Daughter
10. Peer Gynt Hunted by the Trolls
11. Peer Gynt ant the Boyg
12. The Death of Ase. Prelude to Act III
13. The Death of Ase. Act III, scene 4
14. Morning Mood
15. The Thief and the Receiver
16. Arabian Dance
17. Anitra's Dance
18. Peer Gynts Serenade
19. Peer Gynt and Anitra
20. Solveig's Song
21. Peer Gynt at the Statue of Memnon
22. Peer Gynt Homecoming: Stormy Evening on the Sea
23. Shipwreck
24. Solveig Sings in the Hut
25. Night Scene
26. Whitsun Hymn: "Blessed Morn"
27. Solveig's Cradle Song

2. Sigurd Jorsalfar. Incidental music to the play by Bjornstjerne Bjornson, Op.22
1. Hornsignaler (Fanfares)
2. No.1 Prelude to Act I
3. No.2 Borghild's Dream (Intermezzo)
4. No.3 The Matching Game
5. No.4 Northland Folk
6. No.5 Homage March
7. No.5 Interlude I
8. No.6 Interlude II
9. No.8 The King's Song

3. Olav Trygvason. Scenes from an unfinished drama by Bjornstjerne Bjornson, Op.50
1. Scene I: No.1 "Skjult i de mange manende Navne"; No.2 "I, som op af Urdarbroenden"
2. Scene II: No.3 "Ej er det nok"; No.4 "Tak, at I talte"
3. Scene III: No.5 "Giv alle Guder Gammens og Glaedes-Skael"; No.6 "Alfer og Vaetter"; No.7 "Evige Asatro"

4. Six Songs with orchestra (Solveig Kringelborn)
1. Solveig's Song (Henrik Ibsen)
2. Solveig's Cradle Song (Henrik Ibsen)
3. From Monte Pincio (Bjornstjerne Bjornson)
4. A Swan (Henrik Ibsen)
5. Springtide (Asamund Olafson Vinje)
6. Henrik Wergeland (John Paulsen)

5. Songs with orchestra
1. The First Meeting (Bjornsterne Bjornson)
2. A Swan (Henrik Ibsen)
3. From Monte Pincio (Bjornsterne Bjornson)
4. Spring (Aasmund Olavsson Vinje)
5. Henrik Wergeland (John Paulsen)
6. The Mountain Thrall, Op.32 (Folk poem)
7. Before a Southern Convent, Op.20 (Bjornsterne Bjornson)
8. Bergliot, Op.42 (Bjornsterne Bjornson)
9. Land-sighting, Op.31 (Bjornstjerne Bjornson)

6. Six Songs with piano, Op.48
1. Greeting (Heinrich Heine)
2. One day, my thought (Emanuel Geibel)
3. The Way of the World (Ludwig Uhland)
4. The Secretive Nightingale (after Walther von der Vogelweide)
5. The Time of Roses (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
6. A Dream (Friedrich von Bodenstedt)

7. "Haugtussa", Op.67 (Song cycle by Arne Garburg with piano)
1. Enticement
2. The Little Maiden
3. Blueberry Slope
4. The Encounter
5. Love
6. Kids'Dance
7. Sorrowful Day
8. At Gjiaetle Brook

8. Songs with piano
1. With a Waterlily (Six Poems by Henrik Ibsen, Op.25)
2. A Hope (Five Poems by John Paulsen, Op.26)
3. While I Wait (Poems by Vilhelm Krag, Op.60)
4. Call. Farmyard Song (Children's Songs by Bjornstjerne Bjornson, Op.61)
5. Along an Stream (Twelve Songs after Poems by Aasmund Olavsson Vinje, Op.33)
6. Two Brown Eyes ("The Heart's Melodies" by Hans Christian Andersen, Op.5)
7. I Love You ("The Heart's Melodies" by Hans Christian Andersen, Op.5)
8. Spring Rain (Six Poems by Holger Drachmann, Op.49)


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