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Эдвард Элгар

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Эдвард Элгар

Эдвард Элгар Наименование: Эдвард Элгар
Изготовитель: TDK / CDR
Общее время звучания:
Количество треков:
Качество: stereo, mp3, 192 kBit/sec

1. Cello Concerto in E minor, Op.85
1. I. Adagio - Moderato
2. II. Lento - Allegro molto
3. III. Adagio
4. IV. Allegro - Moderato - Allegro, ma non troppo

2. Violin Concerto in B minor, Op.61
1. I. Allegro
2. II. Andante
3. III. Allegro molto - Cadenza (accompagnata: Lento) - Allegro molto (Tempo I)

3. Overture "Cockaigne" ("In London Town"), Op.40
1. Overture "Cockaigne" ("In London Town"), Op.40

4. Overture "In the South" ("Alassio"), Op.50
1. Overture "In the South" ("Alassio"), Op.50

5. Variations on an Original Theme ("Enigma"), Op.36
1. Theme
2. I. C.A.E. (the composer's wife)
3. II. H.D.S.-P. (Hew David Steuart-Powell)
4. III. R.B.T. (Richard Baxter Townshend)
5. IV. W.M.B. (William Meath Baker)
6. V. R.P.A. (Richard Penrose Arnold)
7. VI. Ysobel (Isabel Fitton)
8. VII. Troyte (Troyte Griffith)
9. VIII. W.N. (Winifred Norbury)
10. IX. Nimrod (A.J.Jaeger)
11. X. Intermezzo: Dorabella (Dora Penny)
12. XI. G.R.S. (George Robertson Sinclair)
13. XII. B.G.N. (Basil G.Nevinson)
14. XIII. Romanza: *** [Lady Mary Lygon]
15. XIV. Finale: E.D.U. (the composer)

6. Chanson de Matin / Chanson de Nuit, Op.15
1. Chanson de matin, Op.15
2. Chanson de nuit, Op.15

7. Chopin: Funeral March
1. Chopin: Funeral March (orch. Elgar), (from Piano Sonata No.2, Op.35)

8. Pomp and Circumstance Marches
1. Pomp and Circumstance March

9. "Polonia": Symphonic Prelude, Op.76
1. "Polonia": Symphonic Prelude, Op.76

10. The Starlight Express (Incidental Music), Op.78
1. First Prelude (Overture & Organ-Grinder's Song 1:To the Children)
2. Act I. Scene 1: (The Earth had forgotten it's a star; The Lamplighter passes - Light and hope - The Organ-Grinder is heard - The Star Society)
3. Act I. Scene 1: (Daddy's star story - The Star Cave)
4. Act I. Scene 1: (The Gardener comes - A great Un-wumbler's coming - Jinny tries on the veil)
5. Act I. Scene 1: Interlude (The Organ-Grinder and the Sprites bring Henry's luggage)
6. Act I. Scene 2: (What jolly stars! - Good night)
7. Act I. Scene 2: Second Prelude (Organ-Grinder's Song 2: The Blue-Eyes Fairy)
8. Act II. Scene 1: (Orion and the Pleiades - Melody; Organ-Grinder's Song 3: The Curfew Song)
9. Act II. Scene 1: Interlude (Home to sleep)
10. Act II. Scene 1: (Outside the Star Cave - The Wumbled People call out for Star-Dust - Arrival of the Starlight Express)
11. Act II. Scene 1: (Entry of the Sweep - Entry of the Organ-Grinder - Entry of the Gardener)
12. Act II. Scene 1: (Entry of the Laugher; Laugher's Song1: I'm everywhere - Entry of the Lamplighter - Let's ask the Organ-Grinder)
13. Act II. Scene 1: (Organ-Grinder's Song 4: Wake up, you little Night Winds)
14. Act II. Scene 1: Ballet (The Dance of the Little Winds)
15. Act II. Scene 1: (The kind old Dustman - Into the Star Cave)
16. Act II. Scene 1: (Loading up with Star-Dust) [Sun Dance from The Wand of Youth, Suite 1]
17. Act II. Scene 1: Interlude (The Wistaria Penson at night)
18. Act II. Scene 2: (The Lamplighter at work - Off again)
19. Act II. Scene 3: (The Den at night - Un-wumbling Daddy and Laugher's Songs 2 & 3: Oh, stars, shine brightly; They'll listen to my song)
20. Act II. Scene 3: (The Lamplighter at work again - Departure of the Sprites - The Dawn Song)
21. Act II. Scene 3: Third Prelude (Organ-Grinder's Song 5: My Old Tunes)
22. Act III. Scene 1: (Jane Anne's Song - Miss Waghorn - The source of life; Daddy's inspiration)
23. Act III. Scene 1: Interlude (The Waltz of the Blue-Eyes Fairy)
24. Act III. Scene 2: (Outside the Star Cave again... Laugher's Song 4: Laugh a little ev'ry day... Organ-Grinder's Song 6: They're all soft-shiny now - Arrival of Grannie)
25. Act III. Scene 2: (The spirit of Miss Waghorn - Daddy's tender light - Daddy enters)
26. Act III. Scene 2: (Our Fairyland - Ensemble)
27. Act III. Scene 2: Finale (The Dance of the Pleiades - Song (soprano) - Song (baritone) - The Rising of the Star)

11. "Dream Children" [Two pieces for small orchestra], Op.43
1. Andante
2. Allegretto piacevole

12. "Grania and Diarmid" [Incidental Music], Op.42
1. Incidental Music
2. Funeral March


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